Lighthouses on-the-air – an overview of East Usk Lighthouse


This is a very belated post about last years Lighthouses On The Air event in August. Thought I should at least document something.

Lighthouses have long served as beacons of safety for seafarers navigating treacherous waters. But did you know that lighthouses also play an important role in the world of amateur radio?

In Newport, UK, lighthouses have been a popular destination for amateur radio enthusiasts during the annual International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend. The event, which takes place every August, allows amateur radio operators to set up their equipment at lighthouses around the world and make contacts with other operators.

Newport is home to two lighthouses, the West Usk Lighthouse and the Nash Point or East Usb Lighthouse, both of which have participated in the event in the past. In addition to providing a unique location for radio enthusiasts to operate from, the lighthouses also offer a stunning backdrop for photos and a chance to learn about the history of these important structures. This is Nash Point or East Usb Lighthouse – and when we arrived, it was lashing down with rain. Nothing stops amateur radio enthusiasts though, so my buddy Richie (MW0LGE) and I stuck around hoping the weather would clear up, which it did.

We ended up having a great day with Rich operating on HF with his IC705 and me on VHF with my little Yaesu FT70D.

The views across the Bristol Channel are smashing, and added to what was initially a very rainy day, but thankfully turned out to be sunny and dry.

The International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend is just one example of how amateur radio can bring people together and highlight the importance of these historic landmarks. It’s a reminder that while technology may have changed over the years, the role of lighthouses in keeping sailors safe remains as vital as ever.

I am sure I will be operating for Lighthouses on the air again later this year. Apologies about the rushed blog, but at least it’s published, albeit 6 moths too late!

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