About Me!


Just a tiny little corner of the internet where I’ll occasionally post snippets of random and usually uninteresting ramblings of what I get up to in some of my hobbies including amateur radio, adventures into the countryside on my 125cc motorcycle, moth trapping and cataloguing, synthesiser musings, all joyfully mixed into this fruit bowl on the internet with occasional nature photography thrown in for good measure. If it lasts, well it lasts and if not, who cares… 😂

I have another site specifically dedicated to my photography which can be found here – www.reflectingme.uk and is where I host my gallery and a larger selection of my nature images.

GW3JVB is my amateur radio call sign, and if you are also into amateur radio, I can often be found on 80/40/20M SSB, together with 2M FM during the spring/summer/autumn when I may be somewhere /p on my motorcycle.

I am the developer of a few mobile apps, HamBands for iOS/Android, and HamMocks currently for iOS only.

If you fancy contacting me by email for whatever reason, it’s gw3jvb@gmail.com