145Alive and my First Visit to Twmbarlwm in 2023

view from twmbarlwm


Well, a few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon after I had finished work, the weather was the warmest it has been so far this year, so at 3:00 in the afternoon I decided on a quick ride the 10 or so miles to the small car park on the South side of Twmbarlwm, just outside Newport, South Wales.

It also happened to be the afternoon of Tim Hughes‘ fabulous 145Alive event across the country. The main event finished at 3:30 so unfortunately by the time I had arrived and set up, the main event had all but completed but there were still several good folk hanging around 145.000 on 2M, so I was fortunate to have made a couple of nice QSO’s of over 50 miles across the south of the UK.

Dave 2E0WHQ – Barbury Castle, Swindon

Gary 2E0NUN – Lambert Castle, Devon

Gary M0RCE – Bristol

Wilf M0WLE – Hartcliffe, Bristol

Steve M6EVR – Shirehampton

Sometimes good things happen, and we realise that we live in a very, very small world. In a previous post (but chronologically prior to this trip to Twmbarlwm) I rode across the old Severn Crossing to visit a smashing company in Bristol where I ordered some foam for my motorcycle back-box. Whilst I was there I was introduced to a member of staff who, yep, you’ve guessed it, was a radio amateur and none other than Gary… M0RCE who I had a QSO with during this trip.

Had I written up this blog in time i.e. before I ventured across the bridge, I would have realised when I met Gary in Bristol that we had only 2 days previously had a QSO.

Small world eh!

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